Thursday, November 12, 2037

About the projects // О проектах

68k project (under construction)
Read by tag:68kavr

Z80 project (considered complete, but will be updated sometimes)
Idea here
Read about Searle Grant's SBC SD interface (and generally CP/M SD implementation) by tag sgsbcsd

Note, that the early records were imported from Livejournal and should be edited by me sometimes later (I bet that will never happen).
Also, some early records may contain some weird letters - that's russian, but it is always translated, do not be afraid.
Also, sometimes I write about some unrelated (even PC!) but weird hardware, some unrelated but weird network technologies, and some weird things. May be even I'll attempt to write a big post about butterflies. If I ever got interested in butterflies.

Saturday, April 27, 2019

pmwiki and lighttpd

Just my config, nothing more!
$HTTP["host"] == "wiki.MYDOMAIN.TLD" {
 $HTTP["remoteip"] !~ "^2001:START-OF-MY-IPV6-ADDR" {                                                        
  url.access-deny = ( "" )                                                                      

 $HTTP["remoteip"] =~ "^2001:START-OF-MY-IPV6-ADDR" {
  url.rewrite-once = (
  "^/wiki/?([^?]*)$" => "/pmwiki.php?n=$1",
  "^/wiki/?([^?]*)[?](.*)$" => "/pmwiki.php?n=$1&$2"

 url.rewrite = (                                                                                
  "^/scripts/" => "404.html",                                                                   
  "^/wiki\.d/" => "404.html",                                                                   
  "^/local/" => "404.html",                                                                     
  "^/cookcook/" => "404.html"                                                                   
 fastcgi.server = ( ".php" =>                                                                   
                  ( "php-tcp3" =>                                                               
                       "host" => "",                                                   
                       "port" => 9003,                                                          
# Do not check file exists on server side                                                       
                       "check-local" => "disable",                                              
# Some php stuff                                                                                
                       "broken-scriptfilename" => "enable",                                     
# Docroot comes from sql in my case "docroot" => "/var/www"                 
                        ,"fix-root-scriptname" => "enable"                                      


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

ZyWALL, D-Link DFL-860, NAT-T: tricks and throughput

I have Dlink DFL-860 running as IPSEC server. I've tried to connect to it with Zywall W30 and Zywall 2 behind of NAT, calling DFL.
That's possible. The trick is to set "My Address" of ZyWalls to WAN address - which they get from the DHCP behind the Nat (and not the real IP).
So the right way is to configure WAN port statically or bind WAN interface to fixed IP via dhcpd.
And next, some throughput table with my settings (somehow same for all the tested devices):
Device IPSEC/IKE1 throughput, as wget shows,kilo/megaBYTEs
D-Link HV808 540 KB/s (0.5 megabits/sec)
ZyWALL 30W 1.28 MB/s
ZyWALL 2 2.15 MB/s
D-Link DFL-860E 6.36 MB/s (note: the wire itself if 70Mbs)
pppd over ssh, without hardware router (one side - banana PI, other is i7?)
IPv4 1,05MB/s
IPv6 962KB/s
Direct wget over IPv4, for line testing 9,64MB/s (but ISP says I have 70Mbs) Direct wget over IPv4 via DI-808HV, Wan is DHCP ~5.4MB/s
Those devices are really antique (except DFL-860), but that's what I have to share.
I was not able to test D-Link DFL-100 and ASUS SL1000 because they are unable to do XAuth as client.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Compex SRX1224

Some notes on Compex SRX1224 switch.
You plug an null modem cable there, and it does not work? Right?
That's easy. You need the straight, non-null-modem cable! And you need some DB9F-to-DB9F direct converter.
As for switch itself, it is 100Mbs switch, managed from console only, without 802.1Q, just port switch.
UPD: also, for the Nortel/Baystack 325 and 425, you need straight cable, too. But it's a very different device, full of vlans and other useful features.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Some more investigations on Compaq Prosignia VS

I was sure that the board has a memory hole. Nothing like that! It's highly configurable. In the Compaq Setup you can say you have Unix and even Linux installed.
However, BIOS still reports 16M. You have to tell Linux it has more (8 onboard + 4*8 in my case) - so tell Lilo
append="sim710=addr:0x8000,irq:15 mem=exactmap mem=640k@0 mem=15M@1M mem=24M@16M mem=nopentium acpi=off noisapnp"
No matter, still - one of the first thing Linux says - "I've caught NMI!". And linux ignores it. But OpenBSD does not ;-(

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Video cards in HP 9000 computers

From time to time I get some HP 9000 video cards and plug them into my hp/ux HPPA computers.
For a long time I could not understand why they are not working: I can see them both in boot and in HP/UX, but hell, they show nothing!
The answer is simple: use at least 1260x1024x75 monitor. Really, I wasted a lot of time trying to understand why I cant run it.
And more, A4552 66501 PCI-X card at least shows something in PCI C160 computer!

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

RCA / CDP1802 project with the same ideas

Here. Well, one more project to boot a CPU from ATMega8. And today that's a 1802!