Sunday, June 10, 2018

Some more investigations on Compaq Prosignia VS

I was sure that the board has a memory hole. Nothing like that! It's highly configurable. In the Compaq Setup you can say you have Unix and even Linux installed.
However, BIOS still reports 16M. You have to tell Linux it has more (8 onboard + 4*8 in my case) - so tell Lilo
append="sim710=addr:0x8000,irq:15 mem=exactmap mem=640k@0 mem=15M@1M mem=24M@16M mem=nopentium acpi=off noisapnp"
No matter, still - one of the first thing Linux says - "I've caught NMI!". And linux ignores it. But OpenBSD does not ;-(

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