Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Restoring root password in LevelOne GSW-2472TGX switch

..is not trivial. More, there is no known way.
So this is the original and the only known method invented by me:
Take off the case. (The CPU is VIA6526A; just FYI, that will not help us). Plug serial @ 9600 8n1, plug power. Wait for login prompt.
Then, hot-plug-off the only chip you can plug off - that's 2408 serial eeprom. Yes, really, plug it off! The switch is useless if you cannot restore root password, so nothing bad can happen, except of electric shock!
Then, login as root/root. It will think a little, but allow you to log in.
Next, hot-plug 2408 chip again and change the password.
You are done. My congrats!