Monday, June 8, 2015

68kavr ver 2560/0.00.02 is out

If anyone cares, I've updated my 68kavr firmware and BIOS. Lots of changes, but I'm lazy to build a normal release (because of summer) so this release is incremental. And, it is numbered 0.00.02!


  1. Hello! Your 68k AVR project is amazing. I'am currently trying to do same thing. Can you tell me what toolchain did you use for bare metal 68k programming?

    Assembler, C compiler, other tools.
    Was it Linux or Windows-bases cross-tools?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Well, it is all mentioned in sources and in the pages on - here are links, local mirrors and warnings.
      I wrote BIOS (and bootloader) on assembler - just because that's a great CPU to write BIOSes and bootloaders on assembler - on unix (Solaris10)/linux (Slackware-curr) host. So I cannot recommend you a bare-metal C compiler, but first thing I'd tried would be a GCC compiler from EmuTOS project.

      Well, and keep me informed about yours' work, that's interesting!