Friday, December 19, 2014

Mathew Brandt's c68 and CP/M 68

While looking for C compiler for CP/M 68 looks I've found something that looks quite fine.
As for version "5.1 (beta)/25 Apr 2002" c68 taken from has
-cpm68 option and it somehow work. It even claims that it generates AS68compatible source.
There are a lot of versions of this compiler on the net, but this one is surely the best I've tried (but as I understand it's unable to compile itself, what a pity)
The way it does not work is writing hex as 0xXX, not as $XX, so here is a fix:
PRIVATE void put_byte P1 (UVAL,val)
    put_header (bytegen, alignment_of_type (tp_char));
    oprintf ("$%lx", (unsigned long) (val & OxffUL));
/*DtZ     oprintf ("0x%lx", (unsigned long) (val & OxffUL)); */
    outcol += 4; /* or  should be changed to +3 ? */

PRIVATE void put_word P1 (UVAL, val)
   put_header (wordgen, alignment_of_type (tp_short));
/*DtZ     oprintf ("0x%lx", (unsigned long) (val & OxffffUL)); */
    oprintf ("$%lx", (unsigned long) (val & OxffffUL));
    outcol += 6; /* or should be changed to +7? */

Next, AS68 does not need/want "\t.sect", it accepts .data and .text directly.
static void seg P3 (enum e_sg, segtype, const char *, segname, SIZE, al)
 if (curseg != segtype) {                                                                                     
/*DtZ   oprintf ("\t.sect\t%s%s", segname, newline);*/                                                        
        oprintf ("\t%s * Segment %s", segname, newline);                                                       

And you should edit config.h the way it can generate for 68000 and to check the compiler binary you get can do -cpm68k and -int=16.
Next, remember that's just compiler, not even preprocessor: so on unix side I had to do
cc -E -I/home/dtz/8BIT/68K/CPM1.3/DISK4 main.c > p_main.c
./cc68 -int=16 -cpm68k -v p_main.c > main.s
Also, note that standard CP/M 68's headers lacks most of the C functions; so I had to copy them from "C language programming manual" (do not forget to add link link there!)
On CP/M system, assemble the file with AS68 -U file.o, and then link it with CLINK.SUB
UPD: More, the code it generates can be feed to jas assembler mentioned some time ago.
UPDD: Looks like optimization code is faulty.
UPDDD: 201607 Mirrored Here

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