Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Looking for text editor for CP/M 68K

So, I have plain 68K system where I can CP/M by loading it via SRecords.
I want to build CPMLDR & CPM.SYS, so I want to edit them on board to assemble and link. Edit means editor, and I refuse to understand how cp/m's ED work.
So I want to compile some editor, what's the simpliest? Edlin, for sure.
So we have:
  • FreeDOS's edlin
  • Terry McConnell's deadlin
Both are good edlins. Deadlin's code is simpler, but it uses fgetpos, which CP/M 68K's compiler lacks. FreeDOS's edlin is more complicated.
So currenlty I'm trying to compile them, or find some other edlin clone. I know that MicroEmacs/CP/M-68K exists, that's an apportunity, too.

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