Thursday, March 20, 2014

A few days ago I've picked up an Electronica MS0511 computer - the UKNC (Электроника МС0511, УКНЦ) - one of the most advanced soviet widely-used home computer (actually it is not home computer - it's a school computer; it uses 42V power instead of 220 for the children do not kill themselfs and the teacher and eveyone around). The strangest thing is that it uses K1802VM2 (К1802ВМ2) CPU - actually, two of them, one as video controller. It's able to run some DEC oses - RT-11 saying. So may be one day I'll try to make and PDP-11 compatible SBC (I can buy this CPUs easily). Or not, I do not know. May be I'll try to play with 6809 or Z8001 instead. I've not decided yet. Got it for around $20.

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