Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Bugfix release 2322

I had an awfull error writing sector. I waited just 255 times for non-zero byte after SD_CMD24 command.
It was wrong. Now I wait for FFFF ticks max - that works with my Apacer 1G card.

I hope next weekend I'll go to the Mitino market and buy a pocket of the most strange SD and MMC cards to test.
The release, as usually, here

UPD: I've attached c-kermit (version 2.2/IOBYTE) on the disk image inside of distribution. And it's even possible to transmit something.
On the CP/M side, tell kermit
set port tty
On unix side, tell your local kermit
set streaming off
and something somehows transmits, but with a huge number of errors. That's a topic to be explored.

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